London, 11 Feb. Autonomy/Automation seminar at Bartlett

February 8th, 2015

Text of my talk can be found → here.

This seminar aims to interrogate design practices in a world increasingly run by algorithmic procedures. The expansion of data surveillance and intelligence industries are perhaps the most visible consequence of this, heralding an era of “algorithmic governance”, but they are by no means the only fields determined by algorithmic operations: today algorithmic processes affect all aspects of human life, from financial tools, to biotechnologies, climatic modelling, transport logistics, urban planning, resource extraction or military apparatuses. At the same time, much attention has recently been directed to the non-instrumentality of algorithmic processes around material computation and morphogenetic design practices, and particularly around the dimension of what Parisi has called the “autonomy of code”: an algorithmic reason that exceeds its instrumental dimension. Bringing together theorists and practitioners from multiple disciplinary fields this seminar will focus on this idea of a surplus residing within automation to discuss its spatial and political implications. How are we to think of such autonomy in terms of algorithmic operations such as high-frequency trading? Are we to think this autonomy as tool to think post-capitalist futures insofar as algorithms are more than forms of fixed capital? And how are issues of responsibility and accountability to be re-framed in these conditions? It is these questions that the seminar will address, while at the same time, imagining the forms of constituent politics that might emerge from this condition, and the role of design practices therein.

M.Arch UD Axiomatics / Problematics Lecture Series
M.Arch Urban Design Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL

Wednesday, 11th February, 14:00 – 18:20
Venue: Bartlett School of Architecture
132 Hampstead Road, NW1 2PS, 2nd floor, Room 212 B.


14:00 – Introduction – Godofredo Pereira (UCL)
14:15 – Sara Franceschelli (UCL) – Strange Attractions
14:45 – Claudia Pasquero (UCL) – B(I/O)LOGIC
15:15 – Discussion moderated by Manos Zaroukas (UCL)
15:45 – Coffee break
16:15 – Susan Schuppli (Goldsmiths) – Deadly Algorithms
16:45 – Matteo Pasquinelli (NCRP) – Anomaly Detection: The Mathematization of the Abnormal in the Metadata Society
17:15 – Luciana Parisi (Goldsmiths) – Automated Design and Computational Reason
17:45 – Discussion moderated by Peg Rawes (UCL)


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