The Eye of the Master

October 17th, 2021

A social history of artificial intelligence forthcoming for Verso Books.


The special skill of each individual machine-operator, who has now been deprived of all significance, vanishes as an infinitesimal quantity in the face of the science, the gigantic natural forces, and the mass of the social labour embodied in the system of machinery, which, together with these three forces, constitutes the power of the ‘master’.
— Marx, Capital, vol. 1, 1867.

All human beings are intellectuals… although one can speak of intellectuals, one cannot speak of non-intellectuals, because non-intellectuals do not exist… There is no human activity from which every form of intellectual participation can be excluded: Homo faber cannot be separated from homo sapiens.
— Antonio Gramsci, The Prison Notebooks [1932 ].


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