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The Ultimate Capital is the Sun exhibition. NGBK Berlin, 20 September – 16 November 2014. +WEB


Wietske Maas, “The Corruption of the Eye: On Photogenesis and Self-Growing Images” (in collaboration with Matteo Pasquinelli), e-flux Supercommunity, Venice Biennale, 2015. +WEB +PDF

Wietske Maas and Matteo Pasquinelli, Manifesto of Urban Cannibalism curated by Will Foster, Vantage Point exhibition at The Substation, Melbourne, 2013. +WEB

Wietske Maas and Matteo Pasquinelli, Manifesto of Urban Cannibalism (Berlin Declaration) sound performance + Berliner Steinwein installation at Body Affects festival, Sophiensaele, Berlin. 5-8 July 2012. +WEB

Wietske Maas and Matteo Pasquinelli, Stubborn & Fertile: A Convivium on Art, City and Nature at Nadine, Brussels, 2010. +WEB


Wietske Maas and Matteo Pasquinelli, “Urbanibalism”, keyword entry in: Rosi Braidotti and Maria Hlavajova (eds) Posthuman Glossary, London: Bloomsbury, 2018.

Wietske Maas and Matteo Pasquinelli, “Manifesto of Urban Cannibalism (Berlin Declaration)”, Melbourne: Architectural Review Asia Pacific, 2013. New reissue: New York: DIS magazine, October 2014.+PDF

Turkish, Polish and Korean translation, 2013: +WEB

Wietske Maas and Matteo Pasquinelli, “Manifesto of Urban Cannibalism (Amsterdam Declaration)”, in: Brigitte van der Sande (ed.) Food for the City: A Future for the Metropolis, Rotterdam: NAi, 2012. +PDF


Wietske Maas and Matteo Pasquinelli, “The City Devouring Itself: Urbanibalism in Times of World Wars, Insurgent Communes and Biopolitical Sieges”, in: J. Seijdel and L. Melis (eds), Open #18: 2030 – War Zone Amsterdam, Rotterdam: NAi Publishers, 2009. +PDF

Dutch trans.: Wietske Maas and Matteo Pasquinelli, “De stad vreet zichzelf op: ‘Urbanibalisme’ in tijden van wereldoorlogen, opstandige communes en biopolitieke belegeringen”, in: J. Seijdel and L. Melis (eds), Open #18: 2030 – War Zone Amsterdam, Rotterdam: NAi Publishers, 2009. +PDF


Matteo Pasquinelli, The Manifesto of Urban Cannibalism, Sztuki Museum, Łódź (Poland), 26 November 2012. + WEB

Wietske Maas and Matteo Pasquinelli, Inclinations #4: Eating the “I” or Eating the Eye? Stanzas from the Manifesto of Urban Cannibalism, reading curated by Patricia Reed at Or Gallery, 2013. +WEB


Floor Tinga, “De eetbare stad”, interview with Wietske Mass and Matteo Pasquinelli, S+RO 05/2010 [Dutch national journal of urban planning] +WEB