Libidinal Parasites

February 7th, 2014


An old piece and dystopian concept recently exhumed by Mark Fisher for a talk at the University of Brighton. Not sure I’d agree again with the whole thesis today, but it’s still interesting. Originally written in 2007 for this book edited by Tim.

Libidinal Parasites and the Machinic Excess: On the Dystopian Biosphere of Networks”, in Tim Stüttgen (ed.) PostPornPolitics: Queer Feminist Perspectives on the Politics of Porn Performance and Sex Work as Cultural Production, symposium reader (Berlin: b_books, 2009).

Then also republished as:

Libidinal Parasites: Netporn and the Machinic Excess”. In: Matteo Pasquinelli, Animal Spirits: A Bestiary of the Commons (Rotterdam: NAi Publishers, 2008).

PDF → here


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