the metabolism of the social brain (2014)

A symposium on the extended mind. →

the ultimate capital is the sun (2014)

An exhibition on metabolism, Berlin. →

accelerationism (2013)

A symposium on tendencies in capitalism, Berlin. → (OFFLINE)

uninomade (2010-2013) euronomade (2013-present)

Research collective at the intersection of theoretical practices and political practices → →

urbanibalism (2007 – present)

Art project developed with Wietske Maas on the city from the perspective of ingestion. See the Manifesto of Urban Cannibalism. →


lebensformen (2011)

Berlin-based reading group to discuss the contemporary ‘intellectual siege’ around the notion of bíos. →

scepsi (2011)

European School of Social Imagination, conference organised in San Marino.


A transnational collective on the transformations of the global university and the conflicts of knowledge production. → (OFFLINE)

the factory of the common (2008-2010)

A research network in the age of cognitive capitalism and financial crisis. → (OFFLINE)

rekombinant (2000-2009)

An on-line community on the future of network culture.